What is ROSCO?

ROSCO is Results-Oriented Supply Chain Optimization for your small business.

You – Small Business Owner – might say, I own a small business and do all the purchasing and inventory management myself.  Why can’t I keep doing that?  For the same reason you wouldn’t wear an orange shirt to Home Depot.  Eventually you’re going to get tired of being asked questions that someone else should be answering.

Instead – have a qualified supply chain pro getting out ahead of your supply chain challenges.  But who’s qualified to be a supply chain pro?  Is it the guy on the left or the guy on the right?

Supply Chain ROSCO also answers your burning small business questions, like:

How do I know if I have a supply chain and how do I get rid of it?

If supply chain is so awesome, why haven’t there been any movies about it?

Did you put a picture of Tony Stark on your blog in some lame attempt to drive traffic here?

Who is Bill Khufu and why did he invent supply chain?

Do you happen to have a quiz that I can take to see if ROSCO is right for my small business?



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