Who is ROSCO?

Supply Chain ROSCO is me, Gary Marion.  My supply chain experience comes from Pfizer, Amgen, Cleveland Golf, Stila Cosmetics, and the U.S. Army – among others.  My life experience comes from being alive while jumping out of airplanes, living on 3 continents, eating live shrimp (whose life experience was cut short by my own), fathering two kids, diving the wall off Grand Cayman, lunching at The French Laundry and lots of other big and small things.

You might ask, “Hey Gary, what siren call lured you to the super sexy world of supply chain?”  You can’t imagine how many times a day I hear that question.  (Unless you can imagine the number zero.)  The answer isn’t exactly the stuff of an Oliver Stone biopic.  Suffice to say, not everyone is cut out to become a supply chain professional, but there is a very simple litmus test to see if you qualify.

In the image above, are you Guy #1, on the left, or Guy #2, on the right?

Everyone knows who Guy # 1 is. Superhero, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, not to mention in the real world, the coolest actor going.  Guy #1 is never going to make it in the world of supply chain.

You know who Guy #2 is?  Of course not.  But you know what Guy #2 did more times than anyone in history?  Appeared in Best Picture Oscar-winning movies.  7 of them, to be precise.  To put that in perspective – Meryl’s been in 3, Morgan Freeman – 3, and Tom Freakin’ Hanks – 1.  But Franklyn Farnum (Guy #2) was in 7.  Seven!

Guy #2 missed his calling.  He would’ve been an excellent supply chain manager.  Guy #2 probably understood what a good supply chain guy or gal does – which is help create organizations that excel. But unlike Guy #1, no one’s going to chant a supply chain guy’s name at the next shareholder’s meeting.  And that’s totally cool.  The only time the supply chain phone rings is when something’s late or about to be late or showed up teal instead of lavender.  And that’s fine with the supply chain pros.  Let the head of sales get the crystal trophies and applause.  Let the CFO golf with the mayor.  Let Rachel in marketing get interviewed by CNET.  The supply chain pro is Gladys’ middle Pip.  The supply chain pro is the first player down on special teams who gets wiped out by the lead blocker, so the second guy down can make the tackle.  And supply chain pros are alright with that.

I’m happy to discuss how results-oriented supply chain optimization can help you and your company, as described here.  Or how Miami Heat season ticket holders basically got stuck with the sports world’s version of Enron stock…


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