Okay, yes, life is NOT a metaphor for supply chain. Acknowledged. In the infinite gray between a box of chocolates and the pain the Dread Pirate Roberts describes, life weaves its fragile, merciless fabric into philosophers’ nightmares and the giggles of toddlers. Life is not a metaphor for anything. If life could stare you down, it would be with the dispassion of its lifeless eyes. But we joke. We cry. And we joke some more. And the world wide web throws an exponent on every tweet and post.

But the Internet is held in its prickly orbit by snark’s gravity. The social compact we web denizens abide by – we line our virtual birdcages with enough winking emoticons and the cynical droppings do no real damage – keeps the broadband vacant of substance, so that when real significance sweeps through, we pull to the shoulder and let it pass. And we puff our chests because we’re careening down the same highway as the Arab Spring, Hong Kong demonstrations and Ebola early warnings.

And, yes, I know that I just mashed galactic, birdcage and highway metaphors into a single paragraph. That’s what I get to do in my corner of the web. I hope to entertain and inform and perhaps get noticed (I’ll admit it). It’s why every so often, @SpplyChainROSCO will tweet a “Life is a Metaphor for Supply Chain” nugget… the news article about the park officer who chased a polar bear out of an 81-year-old woman’s cabin (as seen by ROSCO as a supply chain manager rescuing a CFO by solving excess inventory issues)… the bit about the Australian tourist who had a tropical spider living in his stomach (the spider left a scar and doctors misread the data – a metaphor for misreading your supply chain data)… the plush toy company that sold out of its inventory of Ebola stuffed animals (I’m not kidding).

Again, life is NOT a metaphor for supply chain. Supply chain is about managing demands and planning and knowing what you have and where it is. Or, then again…



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